Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Old Pets - New Pets!

Meet Tater and Shana -our new/old pets!

Tater, the boy, has always been our pet. We bought him from a pet shop in Johannesburg almost 8 years ago. He looked like a little baked potato so we named him Tater. We had hopes of him being an inside/lap dog but he could never learn to do his business outside. He preferred the carpet! So he became an outside dog and later was joined by a big dog , Buddy.

Last year when we left Joburg we gave Buddy the big dog to some friends and a colleague took Tater to be a companion to her dachshund, Shana. When we found out our colleague was looking for a home for both dogs since she will be retiring to the U.S. next year, we decided to bring them to Maputo to be our new pets.

Tater and Shana seem to be happy here. Shana is a wonderful, sweet lapdog whose talents include singing (long story)and doing her business outside! Tater, wonderful in his own right, has matured some and has also learned to use the yard for a loo. It helps that he spends most of his days outside terrorizing our cats and only sleeps in the kitchen at night. And we have no carpet.


Anonymous said...

Love your doggies! Mike's been wanting a dachshund and I don't want an indoor dog, so maybe we could do both...
Please pray for our house to sell. We're supposed to be in Magnolia Aug. 1 and our house hasn't sold yet and we don't have anywhere to live and really don't want 2 house payments. Don't know what to do.
Love you--

mer said...

A cute little pair you've got there!

John keeps telling our kids we'll get a dog this summer. I'm not sure I really want one, but sounds like it's gonna happen whether I'm in favor of it or not.

mer said...

Just read your Starbucks comment on Kecia's BLOG. Not sad, just indicative of where you live!Make it a point to visit one when you're back in the states next spring. You won't be sorry, but you might become addicted.

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for you and your family Angela! Don was thrilled that we had a God-incidence. He said to say, Hi! He sang at the wedding and it was great to see him and Sandi and to hear them make some wonderful music together.
With love and prayers in Jesus,

april said...

Tater is the perfect dog name. If we ever get another dog, Clay wants to name it Preacher.