Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Funny Things I've Seen, Heard and Read Lately

Sunday we drove by a building where someone had painted on an outside wall:
"Nao Urinar" which means, obviously, don't pee here. If you've never been to Africa, then this sign on the wall might be offensive. But to us, where public urination by men (and sometimes women) is a normal occurence, we found it quite amusing. Don't tell them but I actually think grammatically the sign was wrong because I'm pretty sure urinar is not the imperative form of that verb.


Abby opened a kitchen cupboard the other day and started identifying all the kitchen appliances she saw. Unlike my mother who has every nifty kitchen appliance known to man, I have very few. Anywho, these were the ones Abby identified: "There's the roti maker (tortilla maker), the milkshake maker (blender), the mixing thingy (the mixer), the bread squasher (the mini-George Forman we use to make toasted sandwiches), the waffle maker and the cheese grater." Cheese grater? Can a cheese grater be classified as a kitchen appliance?


The stories we all shared last night at Bible study about all of our African bathroom experiences (or lack thereof)! They were hilarious. I will not share those to protect the innocent, but if you had heard them you would be rolling too.


And this post from I blog I enjoy reading:

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