Monday, March 26, 2007

Scenes of Maputo

I thought it would be interesting for you to see some scenes of our fair city, Maputo. Remember we are located in southern Africa, on the east coast. By the way, you may have heard about Mozambique in the news recently. Last week a munitions depot began exploding due to extreme temperatures and humidity, sending missiles and rockets shooting into the heavily populated areas surrounding the depot. Why, you ask, do lots of people live around such a place? We are all asking the same question. The death toll from last Thursday's explosions is over 200 with many, many maimed and injured.

Ok, here are a few pics.
This girl came to my car window and actually startled me as she held up a live, wiggling crab.

This is a typical street scene. Someone is selling bananas from the cart in front. The lady behind at the kiosk is selling everything from cookies, to cigarettes to matches and toilet paper.

We have three KFC's in Maputo.

This is the only American fast-food restaurant here.

(I miss Burger King.)

Victoria's Secret.....African Style. There are a couple of lingerie shops here but only for the wealthy. I've seen women trying on bras over their clothes at this "shop". Notice the stuffed animals for sale on the ground.

People here somehow get huge parcels of clothes to sell, obviously from America. You will see the odd, random shirt on someone that say: "Toad Suck Daze, Pickles Gap, Arkansas". Or yesterday I saw one that said Southbury Softball. All kinds of team shirts, college shirt, championship shirts, or shirts that say "My parents went to the Bahamas and all I got was this t-shirt!". It's funny to me that they wear shirts with English sayings and few people speak English in this country. I saw a kid yesterday wearing one that said, "I didn't do it!".

So come visit us in Maputo! You can see cool stuff and buy an interesting t-shirt.


april said...

Do you ever buy from the street vendors?

Anonymous said...

Angie, I forget about how funny the t-shirts are! I love that they have a Toad Suck Days one. I once saw a kid with an Eskimoe Joes shirt from OK on out in the Transkei bush in SA! Love ya, Kenita Self

Amy said...

Reminds me of the guy selling "thipthes and mawbee bawths" :>)