Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Too Serious

OK, I've made an excecutive decision. I want to write about funny or light-hearted things. My past posts have been way too serious. Boring even. Who wants to read that? I don't even want to write it......oh wait, I already did. Ok, well I'm turning over a new leaf. Making a change.

There are many funny and entertaining things about my life. I live with four children and a husband. 2/3's of our family are male. They do LOTS of funny stuff. I live in Africa! We see funny, entertaining, and sometimes mind-boggling things all the time. I want to write about that.

My laundry this a.m. is not funny, however. At the moment I can't use my dryer (long story involving the squirrely electricity here and lack of heavy-duty plug) so I have to hang out my laundry to dry just like 99.7% of the population here in Mozambique. I really like having a dryer as a back-up for many reasons though. Like today, for instance - it's raining! And there are 6 of us in our house. We generate tons of dirty clothes. My kids wear white shirts as part of their school uniforms. Yesterday I did a load of whites and my husband hung them out. I neglected to take them down last night and this a.m. I woke up to rain and soggy white clothes on the line. Ugh. That's not funny.

Ok, time for class! Only two more weeks of Portuguese class. Yippee
Bom Dia!

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Bonnie B. said...

Hooray for funny stuff! :) But the other posts are good too. They show us your heart and what you're learning! You have to find the right blend of funny/serious... of course, how would I know? I haven't updated my blog in a while!