Thursday, October 19, 2006

10 things that don't make me happy

First, go back to previous post and read about The 50 Things That Make Me Happy then read this post! Remember, I'm trying to be more positive. :-)

1)When I wake up with a migraine
2)When one of my children discovers they have homework they didn't do 15 minutes before they have to leave for school
3)When I can't decide what to cook for dinner and it's almost 6:00 and we just ate out the night before
4)When I sit down to use the bathroom and realize that one of the males in my house forgot to lift the seat the last time they used the facilites
5)When I procrastinate
6)Living so far away from my extended family
7)Not having hot water in my house since July!!!!!!!!!!!!
9)When someone makes plans or changes plans that affect me directly but they don't tell me ahead of time
10)men in this country who urinate on the side of the road and don't even try to be discreet!!!


Cindy said...

This is my first time to see your blog! I totally agree with you about your list of things that don't make you happy (of course, #s 1,6,7, and 10, I can't REALLY relate to!). #2 I can remember happening! #3 - we just eat out again anyway! Ha!

I love you, sweet Angie!

april said...

I'm still stuck on the not having hot water since July!!!! I complain when the kids don't turn the dishwasher on after they load it....oh, my life is so hard, how do I make it through the day?

Angie, God bless you for having the perserverance to go without so many modern conveniences. But, I saw on your happy list Wal-Mart, do you seriously have a Wal-Mart there?